State document: T-S Ar.42.51

State document T-S Ar.42.51



Recto: An account related to the production of cane sugar. The warrantors (ḍumanāʾ) of a sugarcane plantation have received 56 ⅙ ḍarības of sugarcane (1,348,080 raṭls, around 700,000 kg). The value of each ḍarība was 35 dinars, so the total value of 56⅙ ḍarības is 1,896 dinars. After being pressed and boiled, the juice will yield 5¾ qinṭārs of sugar (around 250 kg), whose total value is 13,750 dinars, an enormous quantity of money. 5 dinars for each qinṭār (28.75 dinars in total) must be paid to the miller who pressed the sugar cane (0.2% of the profit). The account was reused later by someone who copied some sections of the text in the margins or between the lines as a trial of the pen. (Information from the edition by Marina Rustow and Naïm Vanthieghem.)