State document: T-S K2.1

State document T-S K2.1



State document, probably a report. The beginnings of 9 lines are preserved. Concerning the opening of the canal (Fatḥ al-Khalīj, a major festival in Fatimid Fustat). Preserved phrases: والحمد لله حمد الشاكـ[ـرين ينهي اليها ادام [الله عزها هذا اليوم ال . . . . . . الامتعة برسم . . . في فتح الخليج على القضية ال . . . في مثل ذلك . . . . . . Reused for a calendrical treatise in Judaeo-Arabic with mention of the different types of the Jewish year and a quotation from Rabban Gamaliel. The other side is not digitized (both on CUDL and FGP recto was mistakenly photographed twice) but it is described on CUDL as Hebrew poetry with quotations from Psalms 50:15. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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