State document: T-S AS 184.156

State document T-S AS 184.156


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State document, Fatimid period. Petition or report to a vizier (beginning only), possibly under al-ʿAḍid (see line 4, where the blessing uses the verb ʿaḍada; thanks to Lara Balaa for this observation, though this blessing was also used for earlier viziers, see for example T-S Ar.39.304 (PGPID 20876), fol. 1v, l. 4). MR/ASE.

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Marina Rustow, [digital geniza document edition].
  1. مولانا وسيد[نا
  2. وابنائه الاكرمين [
  3. المجلس السامي السـ[
  4. الكاملي الهادي عضد [

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