Letter: AIU IX.B.28

Letter AIU IX.B.28



Letter in Spanish from Eliezer Bisque[?] to Sig. Mose Bisque, sent in June "Giunio" 5480[?] possibly Sivan 1720CE. The year is slightly fragmented in the heading with a final digit that is somewhat ambiguous. The place name "Casanova" appears in the letter's address section along with the phrase "En[?], nave que dios salve/by boat that God protects." The closing line on verso includes "tu padre" and suggests that Eliezer is writing to his son, as does "querido yjo [sic]" in the fragmented heading on recto. The closing lines also include code-switching to Hebrew blessings such as "ברכה" and "ושלום". The letter makes use of occasional Italianate spellings such as "biliete" (l.7-8). Lastly, Venice or "Venezia" is mentioned in line 22. MCD