List or table: AIU IX.B.27

List or table AIU IX.B.27


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In PGP since 2020


Dowry list for Hannah bt. Yakov Bibas. This document is undated but specifically titled as a "nota del ashugar" (l.1r) or "note of dowry" in Ladino. On the right margin, a column is titled with "gurushi[m]/גרושי" followed by a numerical value 1500 that is labeled "kontante y boda" which could mean that the monetary dowry alone is valued at 1,500 silver gurushim (or "guruş" in Turkish) before factoring in the value of the itemized material gifts. This seems plausible because once the list ends a final monetary value is offered of 8,500 guruş, which implies that the contents of this "nota de ashugar" are altogether valued at 7,000 guruş. Some of the material gifts listed are: "panyo" (l.12r), "ropa franca" (l.12r), "kamizas... de seda" (l.13r), "estanpa" (l.15r), "fezes mughrabis" (l.15-16r), "sabanas" (l.25r) (or in English: cloth, French clothing, silk shirts, stamp, Maghribi Fez hats, and bedsheets) MCD.