Letter: AIU IX.B.24

Letter AIU IX.B.24


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Letter in Ladino dated 19 November 1790 (12 Kislev 5551) from Av_[?] Segre[?] in Alexandria to David Mili in the Bulaq neighborhood of Cairo. In lines 8-9 the sender discusses a good relationship with his brother-in-law "kunyado/cuñado": "syendo ke mi kunyado le tyene muncha amistad" or "being that my brother-in-law has amicable feelings". The writer's brother-in-law is mentioned again in the margin of the letter which is advising David Mili to look after "my dear[?] sister": "cuidado por mi karina[?] ermana/קויידאדו פור מי קרינה אירמאנה". This latter statement could imply that the letter recipient and sender are themselves brothers-in-law. MCD.