Letter: AIU IX.B.18

Letter AIU IX.B.18


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In PGP since 2020


Letter in Ladino, sent from Salonica (שילאניקי) to Cairo (spelled erratically as מישרייאם). To be delivered to ("en mano de") Yiṣḥaq Qatin[?] (אין מאנו די ס׳ יצחק קאתין), who is "the boy" (מושו) of David מיאפילדו(?). The sender's name looks like it includes גֿיליבי הקואין, but this is probably not right (maybe הקואין means הכהן?). Dated April 19, 1785 but it is unclear where this dating comes from in the FGP. In the opening lines of the letter, the author mentions having not received correspondence from the recipients in 5 (or 2?) months. There is recurring reference to a certain Ḥayyim, who is possibly a shared correspondent of the letter's sender and recipient. The word כוכור that appears several times may also be a name. The sender mentions "a bride to marry" in ll. 6–7. Later on, the author's discussion shifts to the listing off of specific commodities, one of which may be "leather/כואירוש" (l. 12r). Various people send regards ("kiss the hands of X"). According to FGP, some names associated with this fragment are Reuven, Miryam, and Avraham Krispin (Crespin). MCD. ASE.