List or table: AIU VII.F.81

List or table AIU VII.F.81



Late accounts of some kind, perhaps funds collected from different individuals and congregations. The trader Merkado Karo is mentioned, placing the date ca. 1800 CE (one of the lists is also headed "in the year 55[..]"). In the same list on verso, many of the synagogues of Cairo/Fustat are mentioned, including the Portuguese Synagogue (קק פורתוגיזס), the Turkish Synagogue (תורקייה), the Synagogue of the Egyptian Jews (מצריים), the Synagogue of [Yaʿaqov] Abū Shaʿrah (אבו שערה), the Capousi Synagogue (קאפוסי), and the Zamiro Synagogue (קק זמירו), presumably identical with the Radbaz = David ibn Abi Zimra Synagogue. For the location and other information on several of these synagogues, see R. J. H. Gottheil, "A Cairo Synagogue Eleventh Century Document", JQR XIX (1907), 467–539. There are several more mentioned here that are not named in the Gottheil article.