Legal document: AIU VII.F.38

Legal document AIU VII.F.38



Late document from the records (some sort of constitution?) of the Azouz synagogue in Alexandria. There is writing on Page 1 and 3, and a few lines on Page 4. Page 1 deals primarily with the leadership of the community, divided between riyāsat al-diyānīyah (religious leadership, or perhaps oversight of judges?) and riyāsat al-maṣāliḥ (perhaps financial oversight?). It partially reads as follows: "... that are in Alexandria without regard to their origins or countries. . . a single congregation, and this congregation will have religious leadership... for the benefit of the citizens. On the religious leadership: . . . the transfer of authority will be determined with the majority of votes. . . He will especially observe the religious materials (? mawādd) . . . and the rulings (istiftā') of ḥalāl and ḥarām according to the religious principles. . . and the religious judgments. . . He will be paid 10,000 qirsh taʿrīfī annually from the fund of the community (ṣundūq al-ṭā['ifah]). . . His dwelling will be suitable for his position. . . . [. . . the son of] Shelomo Ḥazzan. On the leadership of the maṣāliḥ: . . . his election will be determined with the majority of votes. . . ." On Page 3, the sections in the right-hand column are somewhat opaque. They deal with matters such as the job of the community's secretary and burial expenses for members of the community. Halfway down the left-hand column, there begins a summary of a particular election (date unfortunately missing). "Resolved:: On the 17th day of [. . .], the congregation present in the Azouz synagogue . . . the election of the council of representatives (majlis al-nuwwāb) . . . according to the majority of votes." The winners of the election were Khaw[aja] Zakito Luria with 60 votes; Moshe [...] Mikha'el אדלנציר with 47 votes, and the Rāyis (?) with 45 votes. Runners up were Moshe Naḥman with 25, Fereira [...] with 18, Menaḥem סוולרן (?) with 12. Merits further examination.