List or table: AIU VII.F.23

List or table AIU VII.F.23


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List of donations or communal payments in Judeo-Arabic. The heading may be dated as [5]565 (1804-1805CE) but this estimate is inconclusive given that lack of clarity in the alphanumerical figures קסה. This dating is plausible, however, because of the handwriting and the confluence of surnames and individuals who appear commonly in other late-18th to early-19th-century fragments. For each payment in silver coinage "פצה", the contributor's name appears: Baruch Shalom, Yaʿacov Zardil, Avraham ha-Levi, Ḥayyīm ha-Levi, Israel Dayyan, Nissim Molẖo, and many others. MCD.