List or table: AIU VII.F.23

List or table AIU VII.F.23



List of donations or communal payments in Judeo-Arabic for the Maghrebi congregation of Cairo (קק מערבים). The heading may be dated as [5]565 (1804-1805CE) but this estimate is inconclusive given that lack of clarity in the appearance of the alphanumerical figures קסה (which may not be part of the heading or intended as a year). This dating is plausible, however, because of the handwriting and the confluence of surnames and individuals who appear commonly in other late-18th to early-19th-century fragments. For each payment in silver coinage "פצה", the contributor's name appears: Baruch Shalom, Yaʿacov Zardil, Avraham ha-Levi, Ḥayyīm ha-Levi, Israel Dayyan, Nissim Molẖo, and many others. MCD.