List or table: AIU VII.F.19

List or table AIU VII.F.19


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List of donations (?) for the end of Adar of the year of "ezreinu" (perhaps 70+7+200+50+6 = [5]333 = 1573 CE. But everything else in the folder is much later, so this is likely incorrect). Names listed include Shelomo b. Ḥabīb, Avraham Mador (?), Moshe Kātib, Moshe Perdonil (?) and his brother, Seʿadyah, Yosef b. [...], Yehudah b. Yosef al-Ashqar, Yaʿaqov b. Hīnī, Ḥayyim b. Hīnī, Yehudah Bahlūl (?), Yosef Muḥibb, the brother of Moshe, Shelomo Faranji, Ḥabīb Naftali, Ḥayyim Mador, Shemuel Ghazzāwī, Yiṣḥaq Ahumado (?), Yiṣḥaq al-Ashqar, Yiṣḥaq al-Ashqar Junior, Yaʿaqov Levi, Avraham Darʿī, Avraham al-Ashqar, Yiṣḥaq Talmid, Abū Yaʿqūb, Manṣūr (?) Kohen, ʿAlī b. Hīnī, Emanuel, Shabbetay, the flax worker, and Yehudah al-Ashqar.