List or table: AIU VII.F.5

List or table AIU VII.F.5



List of donations received from dozens of men and families and some calculations. Arranged by months and parshiyot, and many names are repeated in different months. May be 18th century. A large percentage of all family names attested in the late Genizah period are listed somewhere in this document. Among others: Sultan, Sarfati, Levi, Aripol, Konan, Mas'ud, Sarawi, Zamiro, Trinqi, Rason, Mugnanah (?), Qaninah, Harrar, Najjar, Aghion, Muhibb, 'Afif, Ben Sahal, Kahlatan (?), Chizanah, Abudarham, Skandari, Abzaradel, Alarcon, Bialobos, Fawwaz (?), Frances, 'Uziel, Kasis, Solas, Yesha'yah, Atroti (?), Kachichi (?), Nosri (?), Barukh, Hayyun, Ben Naʿim, Dafakhni (?), Tawil, Jarbu'a (?), Medinah, Ashkenazi, Krispin, Kondiote (?), Pinto.