Legal document: AIU VII.D.99 + Yevr. II A 1292

Legal document AIU VII.D.99 + Yevr. II A 1292


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Legal document. In Hebrew. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: end of Sivan 5582 AM, which is June 1822 CE. Dissolution of partnership and settling of accounts between Eliyyahu b. Ẓahal and Yaʿaqov ha-Levi עכובס and Mordekhay Kapanton, who were partners in money-lending (sarraflik) and other forms of trade. A certain Khwaja Mikhā'īl is involved. Eliyyahu and Yaʿaqov sign, but not Mordekhay. AIU VII.D.99 and Yevr. II A 1292 are exact replicas of each other. ASE.