Legal document: AIU VII.D.90

Legal document AIU VII.D.90


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Legal document draft of a debt contract ("shtar/שטר," l. 7, 13) recording financial arrangments where Spanish Seville-minted reales "ריאליס שיבילייאנוס" are in use (l.4r). The location of the document's recording may be Dimyat (Damietta) which is denoted (l.2r) with the Aramaic place name "קפוטקייא" (Kapotakia). The next line mentions Avraham Menashshe, a resident of Damietta. In the body of the draft document, just before the middle section is crossed out, the names Shabbetay ha-Kohen and Mordechai Suriano appear (l.7). A reading of the date could be roughly 1834 CE (first third of Cheshvan 5595) yet it appears more likely that the Jewish calendar year/month is Cheshvan 5489 (l.6, 21) or roughly October 1728CE (this dating is closer to the Judeo-Arabic accounts in the same shelfmark and the alphanumerical digit "ה" can be cross-referenced with the with the same ligature, for example, in "השטר" (l.13). Possibly a scribe or Shemuel Rolo himself signs at the bottom of the document and within his signature we find the title "שליח" (l.24-25). The other pages on the recto and verso are filled with neatly organized accounts in Judaeo-Arabic, arranged according to the Islamic calendar and giving many names of Muslims such as Muhammed ʿAbd al-ʿĀtī (l. 5-6r, 28-29r) Mustafa al-Qabānī (l.13-14v). The accounts seem to be dated 26[?] Safar 1143 Hijri on the recto (where the Persianate rendering of the number 4 or ۴ is in use) which converts roughly to September 1730CE. MCD.