List or table: AIU VII.D.72

List or table AIU VII.D.72



A list from a greengrocer or druggist? Or a shopping list? In Judaeo-Arabic. Written in a crude or at least hasty hand. Many names of foods and herbs are given along with some people's names. Items include sumac, chard (salq), rue (sadhāb), green onion (baṣal akhḍar) or alternatively another kind of onion (baṣal [...]), mulūkhiyya, taḥīna, coriander, linseed oil (zayt hār), olive oil (zayt ṭayyib), honey ("from the kitchen/factory (maṭbakh) of Bū [...]"), saffron (followed by the name Bū Manṣūr), mastic (followed by the name Bū l-Faḍl), pepper (followed by the name Bū ʿAlī b. Bū Daʾūd), and cinnamon (followed by the name Saloman [sic!] al-ʿAṭṭār). In line three the writer seems to offer an option: "and if we/you think best (wa-in kān narāhu [or yarāhu?]... or mulūkhiyya...."