Legal document: AIU VII.D.71

Legal document AIU VII.D.71



Legal documents in Judaeo-Arabic dated "195" since creation, probably meaning 4800+195 = 4995 = 1234/5 CE. Both have to do with a controversy between judges in Alexandria. The judge Yiṣḥaq b. Ḥalfon seems to admit that he has been making errors in his judgments and will henceforth defer to Yūsuf Ibn Rabbenu [...]. Recto preserves the intriguing sentence, "He further said that the most insignificant judge in the lands of the Arabs is better than [...]." The signatures are difficult to make out; one witness is named Yehudah. The text on verso is at 90 degrees relative to recto and refers to the same case: "tashwīsh al-aḥkām alladhī tajrī fī al-Thaghr."