Legal document: AIU VII.D.54

Legal document AIU VII.D.54



Legal document from Fustat/Cairo, dated 1777 CE (end of Tamuz 5537) in which Menaḥem Abzaradel (אבזראדיל) makes arrangements for his 7 1/3 qirats that are in the "diwan al-[...] (karār?)." He renounces all right over it. It is to be divided between his grandsons Yosef and Menaḥem (the sons of his deceased daughter and her widower Ghulaybī Yeshaʿyah) and his two living daughters, Ḥabībah and Leah. Yosef and Menaḥem each get 2.5 qirats, Ḥabībah gets 1 1/3, and Leah gets 1. Witnesses include Binyamin Revah (?), Menaḥem Abzaradel (junior?), and David Nunes.