Legal document: AIU VII.D.27

Legal document AIU VII.D.27


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Marriage document dated 12 September 1802 (15 Elul 5562) from "Kafr al-Nāqir" on the Nile. According to Tāj al-ʿArūs, this is a village close to Masjid al-Khiḍr, which in turn is close to Banhā on the Damietta branch of the Nile. The groom and bride are Avraham Wahba b. Moshe and Sutaytah bt. Yūsuf Ḥaddād. The total of the ketubba is 5000 muayyadis of silver. Signed by Yaʿaqov b. ʿAṭṭār, Avraham Wahba, and [...] ha-Levi.