Letter: AIU VII.E.179

Letter AIU VII.E.179



Letter in Ladino and Hebrew addressed to Moshe Ruben dated 6 August 1754 (28 Av 5514). The sender's calligraphic signature is damaged and mostly illegible. The author has a strong command of Hebrew and code-switches into it more frequently than is commonly the case in Ladino letter writing. For example, following the heading, the opening lines of the body of the letter rely primarily on Hebrew and in l. 11r the writer switches when mentioning "הדיין המצויין יצחק נואני יצו... ולכל שירות" (l. 11-12r). In the following line the author mentions "our brother Eliyyahu Portos" which may mean "אחינו" is being used loosely rather than in the sense of direct familial ties between siblings (l. 13r). The letter's marginal section is damaged, likewise the address on this shelmark's fourth scan has deteriorated to the extent that it is not possible to confirm the letter recipient's location (though the latter portion of [No-Am]on may be visible indicating Alexandria. MCD.