Letter: AIU VII.E.123

Letter AIU VII.E.123



Letter in Ladino from Av[raham?] Til[?] in Alexandria to Efrayim 'Ada in Cairo dated 11 March 1814 (19 Adar 5574). Within the letter David Dayan (l.3r) and Yosef Mir (l.7r) are mentioned. The latter name can also be found as the author of another Ladino letter: AIU IX.B.20. Later in the letter the sender might be referring to Yosef Mir again, when saying "lo ke ara al nuestro famozo Yosef" or "what will be done unto our famous Yosef" (l.10r). Generally there is discussion of payments possibly related to cloth "panyo" (l.6-7) where the types of coinage in use are silver "gurushim" (l.8r) and lower denomination "paras" (l.9r) There are also some sums (possibly accounts for goods weighed in ratl units) and names on the verso, among them Abu Bakhar al-Kabir and Abu Salama. MCD.