Letter: AIU VII.E.102

Letter AIU VII.E.102



Letter in Ladino in which most of the heading has been damaged but could indicate the year [5]419CE given that the latter two digits are clear and the ligature of "4" or "5" is present (l. 1r). A possible reading of the date is thus 1659CE or 1759 CE. Most of the signature is also lost along the bottom tear of the fragment but the remnant of one flourish is present indicating where the author signed. The folding of this fragment also suggests that it was likely sent, and did not remain in the possession of the author as a draft. In the text itself the author mentions their brother "a mi ermano sr. Yeḥezqel / יחזקאל" (l. 13r). The name of the letter carrier is also mentioned "יאודה אטיזו" or "Yauda Atizo/Atezo" (l. 5r). The author also mentions his brother-in-law (l. 11r) and his sister (l. 15r). MCD.