Letter: AIU VII.E.85

Letter AIU VII.E.85



Letters in Ladino that from Shem Tov b. Mozeo (Moshe?) and another individual with a distinct signature and hand. The letter on the fourth scan for this shelfmark is dated 1750 CE (Adar 5510). These letters were likely drawn up on separate days by different individuals and were sent together on the same piece of paper (or they were subsequently sewn together given the presence of thread in the fourth scan f. 2v. The first letter mentions a monetary sum in Venetian "ducats / ducados" (f.1 l. 4r) and later on an orphan "גואירפ׳נה" may be referenced (f. 1 l. 10r). The second letter mentions the financial arrangement connected to moneylending known as "polisa / פוליסה" (f. 2 l.8v). MCD.