Letter: AIU VII.E.64

Letter AIU VII.E.64



Letter from David ben Naʿim to Moshe ben Naʿim, in Alexandria. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dated: 27 Tishrei 5585 AM, which is 1824 CE. Discusses various business matters and may add that the family had to leave their house on the week of Yom Kippur and they have been staying in 'bayt al-qāʿa' in 'Dar[b] al-Chelebi,' where Yosef Aghion used to be. There are three postscripts. One mentions a certain Daniel and business in Salonica; another mentions receiving a payment from 'the silk office' (dīwān al-ḥarīr) amounting to 546 gurush and 33 silver (probably medins). Also mentions a merchant surnamed Hamon. Needs further examination.