Letter: AIU VII.E.25

Letter AIU VII.E.25


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Letter from a certain Yehosef to Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm. Written on parchment in a crude Maghribī hand. In Judaeo-Arabic, with ~7 lines of possibly unrelated Arabic script on verso (some of this might be part of the address, though there is also an address in Judaeo-Arabic). Dating: Probably 11th century. The letter opens with sympathies for the addressee's illness ("Your letter arrived... and it was like seeing your dear face. When I heard you were sick, I went out of my mind, until I received your letter and was reassured") and continues with various business matters, e.g., small quantities of garments. Mentions Abū Yūsuf. Further notes in Judaeo-Arabic, possibly in a different hand (accounts of the addressee?) on bottom of verso. Recto is hair side.