Letter: AIU VII.E.1

Letter AIU VII.E.1



Letter perhaps from the community of Tinnīs (mentions the synagogue of Tinnīs in the first preserved line), to a Jewish dignitary, likely the Head of the Jews (ḥaḍrat sayyidnā al-rayyis). The senders acknowledge receipt of a letter from the addressee and here affirm their allegiance (אלסמע ואלטאעה). There are about 10 signatures, including: Yaḥyā(?) b. Nehora(?); Peli(?) b. Shemuel; Yiṣḥaq b. Shemarya; Shemuel b. Daniel(?); Merayot b. Shemuel; Yosef b. Moshe, ʿAmram b. Nuʿmān; Yaḥyā b. Khalar; Avraham b. Yosef; Fahd b. Mevorakh; Moshe b. Natan. Dated: last decade of Adar I 48[.], which could mean either 148[.] Seleucid (1169–79 CE) or 48[.] AH = 1087–96 CE. Fragment (lower right part). Reused on verso for drafts of phrases from letters in Arabic script and possibly some names (Salmān...?). ASE/MR