Letter: AIU VIII.B.32

Letter AIU VIII.B.32



Letter (fragment) of which only the bottom section of the body and marginal portion of the text remains. In l. 15r one S[eñor] Curiel is mentioned and on several occasions there is reference to Istanbul, for example: "the ships travel every day from Istanbul / אל מראכיב כול יום בסאפרו מין קוסטה" (l. 21-22r). Perhaps collectively indicating "Egypt" or, alternatively, "Cairo" the locational term "מציר" (l. 10r, 12r) is also in use, which although it does not reflect common Judeo-Arabic orthography may demonstrate influence of the Ottoman Turkish term "Misir." There is much discussion of prices rendered in eastern Arabic numerals and, for example, in "רייל דהבי" (l. 10r). In the margin's final line there is also mention of one S[eñor] Yisrael Silmon [?] "ס יסראל שילמון". The fragment's verso is blank. MCD.