Legal document: JRL Series L 18

Legal document JRL Series L 18



Partnership agreement. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: Sunday, 16 Shevaṭ 5567 AM, which is 25 January 1807 CE. This is a more complete copy of the same document as in AIU VII.E.116. (The following description is based on both documents.) There are three different groups of merchants. The first group is based in Alexandria, and the other two groups are based in Fustat/Cairo. (1) Shelomo Cesana, Ḥayyim Cesana, and Ḥayyim's son Avraham. They contribute 600,000 medins. (2) Merkado Karo, Avraham b. Menaḥem ha-Levi Jarbūʿa, and Ḥayyim Nuṣayrī. They contribute 900,000 medins. (3) Shimʿon Frances, Khalīfa Pinto, Yaʿaqov Bibas, and Meir ben Naʿim. They contribute 900,000 medins. The total capital is 2.4 million medins. The duration of the partnership is 12 months. It encompasses trade in goods (סחורה) and currency (sarraflık) and עמולה(?) and פאתוריה(?). The first group has another preexisting partnership with Moshe Bibas and Khalīfa Pinto in Rashīd. The profits will be distributed according to the entries in 'the great ledger' (הפנקס הגדול). It seems that 40% (400 medins out of every 1000) will be distributed in accordance with each group's original contribution. Of the remaining 60% (600 medins out of every 1000), 50 will go to the first group, 250 to the second group, and 300 to the third group. Any losses will be distributed in the same way. AIU VII.E.116 was abandoned around this point, and there are many additional stipulations in JRL SERIES L 18, which is completed and signed by one representative from each of the three groups (Merkado Karo, Shimʿon Frances, and Shelomo Cesana). There is a correction to one of the contract's clauses in the right margin, apparently in the hand of the same scribe. It is not immediately clear whether this correction is legally valid, or if the document had to be restarted and re-signed. MCD. ASE.

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1 / 1 leaf, recto



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