Letter: F 1908.44W + F 1908.44Y

Letter F 1908.44W + F 1908.44Y


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Recto: Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Fragment: only a narrow strip from the right side remains. Much of the translation by Gottheil & Worrell is speculative. The letter mentions the physician of the sultan; a price of 100 dirhems; something witnessed by all the elders of Aleppo; bonesetters (raddādīn); al-Nafīs Ibn al-S[...]; Abū l-ʿAlā' ibn al-[...]; and Ibn ʿUlayq. Verso: The letter was subsequently torn, and a cantor or some other person used the back to write out in a large cursive hand, as if for posting on the wall, what seems to be the first word or the first two words of certain prayers and pizmonim. Information from Gottheil-Worrell, Fragments from the Cairo Genizah, p. 100.