Letter: F 1908.44H

Letter F 1908.44H



Letter from Dāʾūd, in Qalyūb, to Eliyyahu the Judge, probably in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: the addenda on verso are both dated Ḥeshvan 1543 Seleucid = September/October 1231 CE; the letter itself dates to shortly before this. The letter details a complicated case of a dispute over a house between a brother Abū l-Manṣūr b. Abū l-Faraj al-Qalyūbī, his sister-in-law Sutayt bt. Avraham after the death of her sister (and Abū l-Manṣūr's wife) Khafāʾ. Also mentions Abū l-Thanāʾ the agent of Abū l-Manṣūr; R. Yehuda in New Cairo; and Surūr b. Maʿānī the husband of Sutayt. Part of the problem is that the government has confiscated 1/3 of the property, which is located in [...] Ibn Sandabīsī. On verso there are addenda by other people in New Cairo, one by Tamīm b. Yosef, adding further details to the case described in the letter on recto. At 180 degrees there are several lines written by Eliyyahu the Judge himself. (Handwriting identifications made by AA.)