Letter: F 1908.44H

Letter F 1908.44H


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Recto: Letter from Daud (identified by his hand. AA) in Qalyūb, to Eliyyahu the Judge, probably in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: 1232 CE (1543 Seleucid). The letter gives a complicated tale of a dispute over a house between a brother Abū l-Manṣūr and his sister-in-law Sutayt bt. Avraham. (Abū Thanā' is mentioned, together with R. Yehuda in Cairo, and Surur. AA). Verso: Addenda by other people, one by Tamīm b. Yosef, adding further details to the case described in the letter on recto. (Also few lines are written by Eliyyahu the Judge himself. AA)