Legal document: ENA 3844.6

Legal document ENA 3844.6



Legal query in Judaeo-Arabic. Concerning a man who had a debt to the heqdesh. He pawned his wife's property against her well, promising her that he would redeem it within a few days. He had property of his own (a chest of jewels and gold, perhaps in partnership with his father), but he wished to pay the debt out of his wife's property. The querier, apparently a local judge, emphasizes that the agent of the heqdesh must not accept the payment from the wife's property, but rather only from the property of the husband. Cites Ketubbot 101b, Mishna Bava Batra 10:7, Bava Batra 174a, and Ketubbot 81b. Information from Amir Ashur via FGP.

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