Legal document: ENA 3616.14

Legal document ENA 3616.14

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Legal document. In the hand of Efrayim b. Shemarya. "Another woman, Mubāraka bt. Maḥfūẓ, already separated for over four years from her husband, Yefet b. Ḥalfon, who had “escaped the court” and later passed away, appointed Aharon b. Ḥalfon to sue her brother-in-law, Moshe b. Ḥalfon al-Ziyādī, for her husbandʼs burial expenses (for which she was forced take a loan), for her maintenance, and her release from levirate duty (ḥalīṣa). . . . She is presented as addressing the court in Hebrew: 'I could not dwell there, and returned to Egypt, four years ago today [...] hungry, naked, lacking everything. And now, my lords, receive [greetings] of peace, perform for me an act of kindness, have mercy upon me and help me.' At three later points in the document she asks to be 'saved.'" (Information from Zinger, "Women, Gender, and Law," p. 85.)

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