Legal document: ENA 2741.7

Legal document ENA 2741.7



Legal document. Location: Fustat. Dating: Probably 1082 CE. The approximate time period is established by the mention of Yaʾir ha-Nadiv Peʾer ha-Qahal, who also appears in T-S 28.6 (1070s). This document is dated in the opening lines Thursday, 21 Elul, year not preserved. The last three lines indicate that the document was signed (although this copy doesn't appear to be signed) and given to the parties Saʿd and Yaʿaqov on Thursday, 4 Ḥeshvan [..]94. The full date at the top of the document is probably 21 Elul 1393 Seleucid, and the full date at the bottom of the document is probably 4 Ḥeshvan 1394 Seleucid. The case concerns Sahl b. Faraj al-Ghazzī and a sizeable sum of investment capital (over 45 dinars). He reports on his travels and misfortunes. Apparently someone named ʿImrān had him imprisoned by the government. When he got out, he used the rest of the money to purchase goods and travel to Tyre, but "the land was plundered, together with all of my goods, and I was wounded, and I returned to Fustat a 'drowned man.'" The local community helped him, especially Yaʾir ha-Nadiv. The rest of the document seems to detail his efforts to settle his accounts. On verso there is a Hebrew/Judaeo-Arabic glossary of Halakhot Gedolot. ASE

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