Unknown type: DK 36

Unknown type DK 36



There are 32 folios sharing this shelfmark. See individual PGPIDs for more information. Most of it consists of a notebook, probably belonging to a Byzantine merchant, filled with records of various transactions. The language is primarily Hebrew but the months are Julian (אפריל ,דסמבר etc.). Many business partners are named, at least some of whom have Greek names (e.g. Manolis on folio 5). There is a calendar for the year 1430/31 CE (folio 26), written in an interesting ink that has faded to pale silver; the page now looks blank at a glance, but much of the text is legible. There are accounts (folios 1 and 15) with a Hebrew grammatical structure (X של Y) but in which nearly all of the nouns are in a different language, presumably Greek in Hebrew characters, but needs examination by an expert. There are several letters, including folios 2, 9, 11, 16, 17, 21, and 23. The letter on folio 11 is a join with DK 371. The letters on folios 16 and 23 are both addressed to an Avraham b. Yosef ha-Levi. The former at least is signed by a Shabbetay who also gives the name of his city (קרישטו = Karystos, probably). Shabbetay says that he does not spend much time in אגריפון (Negroponte/Chalcis, the capital of Euboea). Another letter (folio 17) mentions "קדיאה," probably =קנדיאה, which would be Crete. Underneath the letter on folio 2 are two lines of Greek in Greek characters.This page, incidentally, is a palimpsest, with a Hebrew-looking subtext. Folio 29 may contain very faded Greek text (in Greek characters) as well. Additionally, there are leaves from the Talmud apparently in a 14th-century Byzantine hand (e.g. folios 6 and 32) and leaves from a book of seliḥot (e.g. folio 31). Information partly from FGP. Merits deeper examination. ASE