Letter: HUC 1034

Letter HUC 1034



Business letter from Avraham Kolon (קולון) to Yosef Ardiʿa (ארדיעה). In Hebrew. Dating: Monday, 5 Adar [5318 AM], which is 1558 CE (see A. David's article for explanation of the date). The sender was delayed 8 days in Rashīd, as he could not find any camels/cameldrivers to hire, so he sent his perfumes/spices by Nile barge (גרמי). He and R. Yosef have found no buyers for the (ostrich) feather or for the ginger, but he has managed to sell some of the addressee's indigo (אנייר = añir = añil, originally from Arabic al-nīl). If there is a difficult epidemic in Fustat/Cairo, the addressee should put all the goods of Yaʿaqov לוחמית and Yiṣḥaq פורדוניל in storage (? באוצר), as this is not the time to leave any goods with any person. (Information from Avraham David's edition.)