Letter: T-S AS 160.297

Letter T-S AS 160.297



Letter in the handwriting of Abū Sahl Levi (d. 1211), in Fustat, to his son Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi (d. 1212), in Qalyūb. In Judaeo-Arabic. Abū Sahl has sent with 'the Rayyis' 3 pounds of Sinnārī cheese and 5 (pounds?) of white (cheese?) from Abū l-Majd al-Parnas. He asks for the price of something - a mantle (burda)? - because the garment mender (al-raffāʾ) has been demanding the money. Moshe's brother Abū Isḥāq is well. Abū Sahl plans to send the qandīl and marāwiḥ with Ṣāfī or with one of Moshe's brothers. On verso there is the completion of the letter and jottings of Greek/Coptic numerals. ASE

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