Legal document: T-S AS 177.591

Legal document T-S AS 177.591



Draft of the beginning of an Arabic letter to a judge. See separate entry for verso. (Information from CUDL)

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Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).

Registration mark on right

  1. Let it be registered on behalf of the office of supervision,

  2. if God wills.

  3. They have registered the amount of two, a third and an eighth.

  4. Praise be to God for his bounties.


Registration mark on left

  1. Let it be registered in [the office of accounts],

  2. if God wills.

  3. They have registered the amount of two, a third and an eighth.

  4. Praise be to God, with the praise of those who give thanks.

  5. In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.

  6. A valid receipt has been granted to 'Abū al-Ḥasan ibn Wahb for the sum owed through his standing surety for the estates in the town of al-Fayyūm

  7. for the year four-hundred and five, under the supervision of the auspicious, rightly-guided judge, Tiqat al-Mulk

  8. Makīn al-Dawla wa-'Amīnuhā, the protégé of the commander of the faithful, 'Abū ’al-Ḥasan ’Alī ibn Bahr, and in the presence of

  9. the trusted judge 'Abū 'Alī al-Ḥasan ibn Yahyā ibn Bahār, his deputy, with

  10. the elder Sadīd al-Dawla 'Abū al-Faraj ‘Abd al-Masīḥ ibn Qūrīl acting as accountant.

  11. Half of this: One, a sixth and a sixteenth. Its amount Two, a third and an eighth.

  12. Written by Mākā’īl ibn 'Abd al-Masīḥ, the cashier. Valid. The third of Šawwāl,

  13. in the year four-hundred and five.


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