List or table: Stras. 4068/30

List or table Stras. 4068/30



Descriptions of the contents of a collection of books in two different hands: the first, neater block names Yehudah b. Yahya and the text of the Tāj and Bereshit Rabbah and the Torah and the 5 Megillot and Baer Heitev and the Gemara of Hullin and the laws of Shehitah. The second block in rudimentary handwriting is harder to read. It names 'Ayn Ya'aqov, Pesikta ha-Nasi ha-Gadol, Humash ha-Gadol, and Rav Alfas, and "three excerpts of the Rambam." He signs "I am Men[ah?]em b. Yehudah al-Mujhid (?)." Probably late, at least 16th century. ASE.