List or table: JRL SERIES B 3768

List or table JRL SERIES B 3768


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Probably a list of recipients of communal funds, on a recycled Arabic document (of which hardly anything remains). The list includes the supervisors of the quarters (aṣḥāb al-arbāʿ) of Qaṣr al-Shamʿ and al-Muṣāṣa neighborhoods (see Med Soc II, 369–70 on their presence in communal accounts). It also lists Abū l-Najm [...] Yeḥiel; al-Shaykh Efrayim al-Melammed; Abū l-Faraj with the curious title "the former collector of the bread of the Kushim (? גאבי כבז אלכושיים קדימא)"; Ibn al-Fuḍayl; Faḍā'il the blind (al-sūmā); and Sayyid al-Ahl.

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