Letter: JRL SERIES B 3005

Letter JRL SERIES B 3005



Very interesting late letter in (middling) Hebrew from a certain ʿOvadya (or [... b.] ʿOvadya) currently in Hamadan (!) and planning to travel to Yazd. Only the bottom part (perhaps 2/3) of the letter is preserved. The writer is explaining why he did not go to Sina (?), stating that the congregation refused to let him go and told him he would lose his wages. Furthermore, there was no business there, and he had understood that the power of attorney (sheṭar harsha'a) the addressee had written was in effect in any place where revenue for congregations in Palestine could be raised, but there was no business there. "By the help of God and the merit of Rashbi (!) and by the goodness of the land of Israel, when I return, God willing, I will go there. With your permission, I will go to my city and gather [my belongings?] and leave quickly. Send me letters by way of M. Menashshe b. A(gha?) Yaʿaqov, and he will send them to me, and tell me where you are (?) so that I can send you letters there. If you go to Baṣra, send a letter with M. Shukri to Shiraz, and he will send it to me in Yazd. By my life, do not withhold the 'small powers of attorney' (?): enclose them with the letter and send them. Furthermore, for you to understand the account: I have acquired 600 Qurans (!?). I bought 20, which are for me (?). The remaining 580 Qurans will be taken by מ׳ א׳ Elazar until (or when?) ʿAbbās arrives. Forgive me, for time is pressing . . . if I have erred in the writing, [it is because] I wrote in a hurry. I cannot elaborate. Peace." Above the name ʿOvadya appears the word "qadisha." ASE.

JRL SERIES B 3005 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto



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1 / 1 leaf, verso
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