Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. II 1378

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. II 1378


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Recto: Qaraite legal document. In Hebrew. Dated: Monday, 25 Av 5335 AM, which is 1575 CE. The context is a communal struggle over who would assume the position of the late Yaʿaqov, who served as chief cantor (ḥazzan kabir) and beadle (? משרת) in the Dār Simḥa synagogue (כנסת בית שמחה). The judges Aharon and Yosef al-Tawrīzī appointed Yehuda al-Tawrīzī ha-Rofe, because of his beautiful voice and wisdom. He will serve for 3 years without a salary (jāmakiyya). He will officiate at all celebrations and behave humbly with the congregation, his friends and enemies alike. Verso: A draft version of the same document, giving more details about the circumstances. This side clarifies that he will donate his salary to the widow and children of the late Yaʿāqov. Merits further examination.