Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. II 1377

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. II 1377



Legal document. Dated: Friday, 21 Tishrei 5527 AM (1766 CE). Previously the congregation had appointed as their head Shelomo Kohen b. Aharon Kohen and as his deputy Avraham Rofe b. Eliyyahu Rofe. Shortly thereafter, Shelomo was compelled to step down. Now, the congregation is undergoing terrible conflict, with brawling in the synagogue and lawsuits being taken to the Muslim courts. The congregation, together with Avraham Rofe, now approaches Shelomo Kohen and begs him to return to them. He agrees, on condition that everyone undertake to obey the original contract, settling down and behaving righteously and ceasing to fight in the synagogue or bring legal cases before the Muslim courts. Signed: Avraham Rofe b. Eliyyahu Rofe b. Lishaʿ Rofe; [...] b. Yeshuʿa Fayrūz; Shelomo b. Moshe Rofe known as Ṣaʿir.