Legal document: Yevr. III B 507

Legal document Yevr. III B 507



Legal document. Mainly in Judaeo-Arabic. Very long and quite damaged. Involves Shela, his paternal uncle and father-in-law Ḥalfon b. Shelomo, and his deceased wife, who was the daughter of Ḥalfon. Mentions: one party's share in materia medica (ʿuqqār) between them; efforts to pay off a debt; payments for ḥikr for several years; payments for supporting someone's family in his absence; a renewed partnership agreement (muwāṣafa mujaddada); and many lines of release formulae. Witnesses: [...] b. [...] ha-Talmid; ʿEli b. Yaḥyā ha-Kohen (fl. late 11th century). Merits further examination.