Legal document: Yevr. II A 1303

Legal document Yevr. II A 1303



Legal deed, apparently settling accounts at the end of a lease. Probably from a Rabbanite court. In Hebrew. Dated: Sunday, 5 Av 5404 AM, which is 1644 CE. Scribe: Yaʿaqov Abī Zimra (a descendant of the Radbaz?). Signed by: Yaʿaqov Abī Zimra; Moshe Uzilo; and perhaps a third person whose name is sideways. Lessors: Moshe b. ʿAbd al-Karīm Berakaha; Naṣrallāh Yūsuf b. ʿAbd al-Wāḥid ha-Rofe; Avraham Qudaysī b. Yaʿaqov al-Qayyim known as Muqriʾ(?). Property: "the large qāʿa in Darb al-Midwār(?) where Moshe used to live." Lessees: Moshe b. Yiṣḥaq Uzilo; Avraham b. Yaʿaqov Marāḥa(?). Period of lease: 4 years, beginning Adar 5401 AM (the original deed of lease was drawn up on Thursday, 11 Adar 5401 AM, which is 1641 CE; apparently they drew up the lease in both Jewish court and Muslim court, as there is also reference to a ḥujja sharʿiyya—unless this phrase is redundantly referring to the Jewish legal document). Rent: 1 Abū Kalb gurūsh per month. The lessees also gave a loan (security deposit?) of 60 sharīfī peraḥim to the lessors (or perhaps each lessee gave 30 peraḥim?). Avraham Marāḥa previously transferred his share in the remainder of the lease to Shelomo Abū Qāya (in a document dated 10 Sivan 5403 AM). Now, Moshe Uzilo is transferring his share in the remainder of the lease to the same Shelomo. Moshe Kanpanton is also mentioned as a witness in the body of the document. Some of these details are unclear and will likely be revised upon further examination of the document.