Legal document: Yevr. II A 1249

Legal document Yevr. II A 1249



Court record. Location: Istanbul (קושטנדינה). Dated: Nisan 5401 AM, which is March/April 1641 CE. David b. Avraham Levi and his brother Yosef b. Avraham Levi and their wives Irinia (אירינייא) bt. Kalev Cuchino (? קוגינו) and Senyerola (? שיניירולה) bt. Yiṣḥaq Mazal Ṭov attest that they are giving to their sister Rika bt. Avraham Levi all their rights to the shop inherited from their late father in Ankara (מדינת אנגורה) in the market of Mahmut Pasha in the section of the jewelers (לצד הקויימגיש). Unsigned. This document was folded in half, and one one of the halves on verso (at 90 degrees to the text on recto) there is a draft of a legal document in the same handwriting, concerning the marriage conditions of Rika and Moshe, with the dowry and payments adding up to 500 gurush.