Literary text: Yevr. II A 104/2

Literary text Yevr. II A 104/2



Literary collection of poetry and prose relating to Anatoli b. Yosef. Dating: Perhaps 13th or 14th century, some time after the death of Anatoli. The headings are quite interesting, and of documentary value: e.g., What Anatoli wrote to R. Shemuel the week of the earthquake; R. Shemuel's response; by Anatoli, addressing R. Moshe Ḥazzan; what his nephew Abū l-Surūr sent him; by Anatoli, concerning drinking and wine; what R. Peraḥya ha-Zaqen Ḥalabī wrote to Anatoli; Anatoli's response; Peraḥya's response; what R. Shemuel Nafūsī wrote to Anatoli when he left Sicily (or maybe Palermo); what R. Shemuel wrote him when he traveled to Māzar; from the letter that Abū l-Faḍl wrote to him. According to the FGP bibliography, this manuscript was edited by Elisheva Hacohen, שירי ר' אנטולי בר יוסף, in 1995/96. There may still be other items of documentary interest under Yevr. II A 104. ASE.