Letter: NLI 577.3/10

Letter NLI 577.3/10



Letter from Shelomo b. Aharon to Natan ha-Kohen b. Yosef. Opens with a cryptic mention of the writer's departure for the sake of paying the capitation tax with the 'muʿāmilīn.' Reports on the silk that he had brought with him and that he had to spend Shavuʿot "outside" (Fustat? Rashid?) and only came in after the holiday. He reports on the price of wheat in the city. He spoke with the addressee's sister and told her all that the addressee had told him in Qalyūb. Namely, that their other brother had maligned her (akhūhā ẓālim) by saying that she had sued him for the addressee's sake (possibly - this is somewhat unclear). She was much relieved to hear that the addressee had not married in Fustat and thereby 'fallen in with the people of Fustat.' The remainder of the letter is mostly about business matters. The writer requests a shipment of wheat to Rashīd, to be delivered by camel.