Letter: NLI 577.10/9

Letter NLI 577.10/9


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In PGP since 2020


Recto: Letter to the Gaon in Cairo (al-Muʿizziyya). In Judaeo-Arabic. The writer explains that he has not yet been able to find a riding animal to come visit (aftaqid) the Gaon in person, and in the meantime his heart is with him. Verso: Letter (draft?) in Judaeo-Arabic, addressed to a group of people (al-ḥaverim), it seems the writer's inferiors, mentioning the encouragement of good deeds (istinhāḍ al-thawāb). They are to investigate the matter of Ibn Sabra, regarding vows that he has taken. Possibly he vowed to marry a certain woman but now wishes to marry another. The addressees are to make a determination whether this is permissible or not, and in the latter case, a ruling should be issued (fa-l-yuftūh) after a 'flogging' (ḍarb malqot) and a fine, because this will be a lesson for others. The writer seems invested in strengthening the legitimacy/authority of fatwās (an yakūna li-l-fatwā bāb). Also, a letter should be sent to Ibn al-ʿAmmānī upbraiding him for his tardiness in writing. ASE.