Letter: NLI 577.10/3

Letter NLI 577.10/3



Recto: Letter draft in the hand of Shelomo b. Eliyyahu. In Judaeo-Arabic. Containing his trademark phrase "when I had turned toward health." He says many "changes" come over him (פחצלת לי תגייראת) including a fever (ḥummā lāzima). Mentions something 'which is in Cairo.' Verso: An order in Arabic script from Shelomo b. Eliyyahu (Abū l-Barakāt b. al-Dayyān) to Abū Saʿīd for a syrup of sorrel (? sharāb ḥummāḍ). This is a tentative reading, needs further examination. Hebrew 'emet' at the bottom. ASE.