Letter: AIU V.B.48

Letter AIU V.B.48



Letter from Netanel b. Ḥalfon to Moshe Maimonides. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dated: 1 Nisan 1485 Seleucid, which is 1174 CE. Describing the plight of the bearer Yeshuʿa and requesting charity on his behalf. Praising Mamionides' munificence, prays that God will make him into a "malja' li-kull malhūf wa-satr li-kull makshūf (the one who 'covers' all the 'uncovered') wa-ahl li-kull maʿrūf." Ed. Israel Lévi, Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums 69 (1925), 375–77, cf. Med. Soc., 2: 498, App. C 82a (1174). Information in part from Cohen, Poverty and Charity, p. 43. The sender is likely identical with the sender of T-S NS J384 + T-S AS 151.33, an earlier letter.