Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.14

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.14



Legal document. Partnership agreement. Dating: 1156. An unsigned and undated non-compete contract between Abū al-Makārim al-Dimashqī Nadiv b. Mevaser and an unnamed party. Nadiv agrees not to be involved in the silk business in any manner whatsoever, and that he will incur a fine of 10 dinars if he breaks the agreement, which will go to "the poor". There is no information indicating Nadiv will receive any consideration for agreeing not to compete. Nadiv is “suspected” of having broken a previous agreement to this effect, which may explain the fine of 10 dinars. According to Goitein, this document is in the hand of the judge Mevorakh b. Natan, written between April and August 1156. (Information from Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture," 90-91.) NB: Goitein referred to this document as folio 13 (Firk. II NS 1700.13AI); Lieberman refers to the document as Document 29: Firkovitch II 1700 13 a I.


S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. יכתב שטר עלי אבו אלמכארם אלדמשקי נדיב בן
  2. מבשר אנה לא יתעארץ לשרי חריר ולא לביעה
  3. לא כאם ולא מצבוג ולא ישארך פיה ולא ירסלה ומתי מא
  4. תביין עליה שי מן דלך כאן עליה עשרה דנ> חוב גמור
  5. ללעניים ואקסם עלי דלך בין ידינא שבועה חמורה
  6. וכאן חשוד על השבועה


Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture: Jewish Economic and Social Life Seen Through the Legal Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., Princeton University, 2007).


  1. A document was written concerning Abu al-Makārim al-Dimashqī Nadiv b.
  2. Mevaser, that he will compete in neither buying silk or selling it,
  3. neither raw nor dyed, and he will not form a partnership in it nor will he dispatch it (to be sold). Whenever it is discovered that
  4. he did any of these things, he will incur an absolute debt of 10 dina(rs)
  5. for the poor. He swore a grave oath before us about that,
  6. though he was suspected of (having violated) the oath